Australia Schedule Matches For ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022

It is interesting to know that the ICC has declared the mega even, Men’s T20 World Cup 2022, which will be on your TV screen from 17th October 2022 to 14th November. The most amazing thing is that the event will be happened in the stunning cricket stadiums of UAE and Oman which are going to host T20 World Cup 2022.

People are amazed to know that countdown has started as ICC has announced the key dates, schedules, groups, Interesting information pertaining to the 7th Edition of Cricket Saga. Board of Control for Cricket in India has also released the schedule. The main four venues are the followings:

The eight teams will play qualifying round and the top 2 will be selected for the main event. There are eight teams in two groups which will face each other in the matches.

Group A consists of England, Australia, South Africa, and West Indies. Whereas, Group B comprises India, Pakistan, New Zealand, and Afghanistan.

Australia Schedule Matches For ICC Men’s T20 World Cup

Australia Schedule Matches for ICC T20 World Cup 2022 – Group Matches Details

Team Australia is in the first group and it will compete with other three teams and also with two qualifiers of the first round. It is very clear to everyone that Australia has a very deep significance in the World Cup. With its magnificient elegance, the team Australia has cherished the world. It will be interesting to see that what it does in this event.

Australia has shown its performance in all formats, and it is expected that it will do its best in this World Cup too. Its history is very attractive to the audience and it will defend the title. For the upcoming event, ICC has uploaded the true schedule and viewers can get immediate information about their favorite matches.

According to the schedule, it is concluded that Australia will be able to play five matches with the below-mentioned teams.

Match No Date Teams
1 23-Oct-21 Australia Vs South Africa 
2 28-Oct-21 Australia Vs A1
3 30-Oct-21 Australia Vs England
4 04-Nov-21 Australia Vs B2
5 06-Nov-21 Australia Vs West Indies

1). AUSTRALIA VS. ENGLAND (Head to Head)

This rivalry is very famous across the entire world as many people watch this match profoundly. These teams have a very amazing history of The Ashes Series and these have the same sentiments as India and Pakistan. The encounter will be on October 24, 2022.

It is surprising to know that the two teams have only met for two times in ICC T20 World Cups and the encounter has been leveled with 1-1. In 2007, England was defeated while in 2–9, Australia was defeated in ICC T20 World Cup final.


Some people will be amazed to know that South Africa has become the strongest contestant in ICC Mega Events including T20 World Cups. Australia will face South Africa on October 28, 2022. It is surprising to know that both the teams have played five matches and South Africa has an upper hand on Australia with 3-2 stats. This time, it will be interesting to see what Australia does against South Africa.


Australia will play its 3rd Group Match against West Indies on October 31, 2022. It is stunning to know that Australia has faced West Indies for five times, and it has lost all five matches. Let’s see what happens this time.

4). Australia VS A1

A1 team will be decided during the event. It must be kept in mind that A1 will be the top qualifying team from the first qualifiers which will earlier play matches to qualify for main event. The teams placed in Group A of ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers include Sri Lanka, Ireland, Netherlands, and Namibia. Australia will face Qualifier 1 from Group A on November 2, 2022. You should grab your sofa seat because cricket is an unpredictable game.


B2 will be the second qualifying team from the earlier qualifiers for main event. The tentative teams placed in Group B of ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers include Bangladesh, Scotland, Papua New Guinea, and Oman. Australia will face B2 on November 7, 2022. Let’s hope best for the Aussies.

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