Sharjah Cricket Stadium Venue For T20 World Cup 2022

It is now confirmed that the T20 World Cup 2022 is going to be held in UAE and Oman. This information is confirmed by the ICC and BCCI. Due to the severe conditions of Covid 19 in India, the tournament was shifted to the UAE and Oman by officials.

As we all know, the tournament will start on the 17th of October and will end on the 14th of November. It would be fun to watch the whole tournament. The first qualifying round is held in Oman while the main matches are going to happen in the UAE.

The T20 World Cup matches of the second round will be played in UAE. Sharjah Cricket Stadium Venue is the one of all other venues.

Many matches of the Super 12s will be played in the grounds of Sharjah out of the 30 matches. These matches will start from the 24th of October and will end with the final match on November 14.

Sharjah Cricket Stadium Venue For T20 World Cup 2022

Sharjah Cricket Stadium Venue For T20 World Cup 2021

Sharjah Cricket Stadium Venue is one of the venues to host the multiple matches of the T20 World Cup 2022. The ground of Sharjah has already the honour of being a host for many special matches as well as many ceremonies.

Many ODIs of the World Cup of the 50 overs format are already played here.

Means it is a perfect ground in any aspect. This stadium was built in the 1980’s. 1984 was the year when many international matches were played here. This was the first time that the stadium was honoured with some of the best players during an international tournament.

Mostly T10 and test matches were played here in this stadium. A blind cricket tournament was also played here in 2008.

Moreover, it will surely be fun to watch the matches in this stadium. A short time ago, the ICC decided to play matches in the UAE. And Sharjah Stadium could not be just forgotten. To add more fame to this venue, the stadium can bear 27,000 people at once.

Sharjah Stadium is known best for the test matches. Numerous test matches are played here by most famous teams like India, England etc. Also the ceremony of the T10 Cricket League was held here in this stadium. Not just the ceremony, but many matches were also played here.

ODI matches of the team Afghanistan were also held in this stadium. This stadium is the property of the Sharjah Cricket Association and it was fully established in 1982. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best stadiums in the UAE.

The maintenance team of the stadium makes sure every time that everything is going fine. The condition of the stadium is getting more luxurious and better by time. All credit goes to the management of the stadium.

So as for now, playoff matches are going to be played in Sharjah grounds while the other matches like semi-finals and finals will be held in Abu Dhabi and Dubai Cricket Stadiums. Keep in touch with us to get updates about the Sharjah grounds and the matches to be held in Sharjah.

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