12 Best Apps to Watch T20 World Cup 2022 LIVE Streaming For Free

Best Apps to Watch T20 World Cup

Now you can enjoy T20 matches on your Laptop, TV or on your Mobile with some Best Apps to Watch T20 World Cup. There are several apps to watch this event on any media you like. Some of the apps are free to use but some need a paid subscription.

These apps have some pros like you can watch the live matches at any place on your Mobile or Laptop. All of us know that it is hard to stick in front of the TV to watch all the matches live. So it is more convenient to use apps to watch live matches, especially on a mobile device at any place. You can even watch matches sidewise while working or studying or even eating your meal.

All the apps will surely help you to watch T20 matches all around the world. Critics say that Cricket is the second most-watched sport in the whole world. Over 2 billion fans of cricket use different media to watch the matches. Like some of the people like to watch matches live in the stadium. And some like to watch the matches live on TV or other apps on their mobiles.

If we look at the origin of this sport, Cricket was started because of the East India Company and British Officials. Especially people of Pakistan and India treat Cricket like their religion. They are much more involved in this sport and all of the events related to it. Here we bring the list of Best Apps to Watch T20 World Cup which is below.

1- SonyLiv


SonyLiv is the project and development of Sony Pictures Network India. It is the best source of watching live matches of Cricket in India and Pakistan. SonyLiv is not just limited to Live Sports, this platform also provides Movies, Music, TV Shows, Web series and many more special contents.

Although SonyLiv is one of the best sources to watch Live Sports, it needs a little subscription fee to sign up. SonyLiv is currently able to live stream the matches of the upcoming T20 Cricket World Cup 2022.

Some other events this channel broadcasted are UFC Fight Night, India vs England, WWE Special Fight, SmackDown & RAW and one of the hype creating European Qualifiers for 2022 FIFA World CUP.

Cricket fans from Pakistan and India can download the SonyLiv app for Android and IOS. Moreover, this app also offers the highlights and live scores of the matches for free once you sign up. Below are some pros and cons of the SonyLiv app.


  • Live Streaming of all the Cricket matches of all the events.
  • Access to the highlights and live score of all matches.
  • Interface of the application is good and understandable.


  • A lot of ads will make you feel so annoyed with the free version of the app.
  • SonyLiv app needs a monthly subscription fee if you want to watch Live Sports. ➢ People may face many bugs while streaming live.

2- Cricket Australia Live

Not just in India and Pakistan, Australia also has millions of Cricket fans. To not let them down, the Australian Cricket Board has also developed an official cricket streaming app, Cricket Australia Live. This app has a few million downloads on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Downloads on the IOS platform are under review.

Cricket Australia Live is responsible for broadcasting Domestic Cricket Leagues In Australia and all of the international matches of Cricket. Many other tournaments like Rebel WBBL and KFC BBL are also streamed here on this app.

This app has a feature that you can listen to the audio broadcast of the live matches. This means you can enjoy just only the radio commentary and also the highlights along with the commentary. Another feature of the app is that you can watch the wicket replays.

You also need a subscription for the streaming services. This subscription is provided by Fox Sports to access this app and enjoy its features. So if you are interested in Cricket, you can download this app on your mobile. Below are some pros and cons of Cricket Australia Live.


  • Live streaming of all the matches of Cricket including domestic and international matches.
  • Highlights and live scores are available at any time.
  • Wicket replays can also be seen at any time.


  • Video quality is just limited to 1080p which is not good for big screens.
  • You need a paid subscription to run this app.
  • Chromecast is still not available in this app.

3- Jio TV

Jio TV

Another one of the Best Apps to Watch the T20 World Cup is Jio TV. This app is available both for Android and IOS on the play store and app store respectively.

The Jio TV app is used by people in India. But you can download and use this app around the globe as it is available for worldwide regions. All you need is to sign up with a small amount and then you can watch live cricket matches of your choice.

Jio TV is a huge app including over 650 channels of different genres. The sports channels you can access through this app are JioCricket, JioFootball, Sony Six, Sony Ten 1, DD Sports and many more.

Another feature is that you can probably watch the channels in the language of your region if it is available. Same as with cricket matches, you can watch matches in multiple languages. All you need is a Jio Sim Card to activate the services of this app. This app won’t run on other mobile networks. Below are some pros and cons of the Jio TV app.


  • Multiple Cricket streaming channels are available.
  • You can add cricket channels to your favourite channels list.
  • Pause and play feature.
  • Live scores and highlights just on one tap.


  • Interface is so annoying.
  • Loading time for the app is very long.
  • Ads during the live matches are unskippable.

4- ESPN Live T20 World Cup

ESPN Live T20 World Cup

ESPN is one of the greatest apps to get updated about the news related to Cricket and other updates. Not just that, you can also watch the live stream of matches of the T20 World Cup for free which is fun. Moreover, you can watch matches of NFL, NBA, Tennis, MLB, Soccer and many more sports for free.

After getting the ESPN app installed on your mobile device or laptop, you can choose your favourite sports and teams to keep updated about them. You can also set up the notifications alarm for your favourite matches. Also, you can use some fantasy tools on this app.

So just download and sign up on the ESPN app and start watching your favourite leagues around the world. You will get access to ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN3 and SECN for free. Below are some pros and cons of the ESPN app.


  • Live Cricket Streaming of all matches.
  • Live commentary of all matches.
  • Interface is so good.
  • Wide variety of sports is available.


  • App crashes many times.
  • Ads pop up during live matches.
  • Live stream breaks from time to time.

5- Cricingif

Just like India has the Jio TV and SonyLiv apps, Cricingif is also a worth sharing app developed in Pakistan and one of the Best Apps to Watch the T20 World Cup. This app has over 500k downloads on the Google Play Store and the same as on the IOS App Store. This app provides coverage of ball to ball and all other analytics and stats of the matches.

Cricingif also provides score coverage and video clips of special moments. Moreover, this app provides the live streaming of PSL (Pakistan Super League), ICC T20 World Cup 2022 and many more international matches of teams like England, Australia, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and many more teams.

So it is very simple to use this app. Just download it on your mobile device and sign up to access the features of this app. Below are some pros and cons of the Cricingif app.


  • Ball by ball coverage feature is available.
  • Fastest score update feature is available.
  • Interface is user friendly.
  • HD Live Streaming feature is available.


  • Bugs due to which live score update fails.
  • Many login issues.
  • App works laggy sometimes due to glitches.

6- SuperSports

Supersports is one of the most overwhelming apps as it provides online streaming of ICC T20 World Cup 2022 and other leagues like IPL, PSL and WBL. Simple this app gives the best experience of the online streaming of matches. For this reason, SuperSports has over 10 Million downloads on the Google Play Store.

After the new update of SuperSports, now you can access the features like super-fast score updation, instant coverage of your favourite games and some better searching features. Other sports than Cricket available on this app are Football, Tennis and Motorsports etc.

You just have to download the SuperSport app on your device and it is free of cost. After signing up you can just enjoy the colourful visual of the app. As for now, this app is also available on Huawei App Gallery rather than on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Below are some pros and cons of SuperSports.


  • Fast score update feature.
  • Live streaming is available in HD now.
  • Wide variety of sports is available to watch for free.


  • Interface is not so user friendly.
  • The app works laggy sometimes or is slow.

7- YuppTV

Another app which is the oldest and one of the world’s largest platforms which are currently providing over 200 live TV channels. YuppTV is the most emerging platform and Best Apps to Watch ICC T20 World Cup which provides the best TV experience to its subscribers. You can watch the Cricket matches live and recorded too. Moreover, all the updates of matches are also available on this app.

YuppTV is developed in India and is mostly used in this country to watch live streams of Cricket matches. In this app, you can watch the Cricket matches live on your preferable channels like Sony Six and StarSports.

Here on this app, you can watch T20 World Cup 2022 live, IPL and also other content like News and Movies. All of this is just on your mobile or laptop. Below are some pros and cons of YuppTV.


  • HD Live Streaming up to 1080p.
  • An EPG feature is available.
  • More content for the Indian region is available.


  • Customer Services are so poor.
  • Live Channels often crash or start to buffer.
  • Interface is a little difficult to understand.

8- Willow TV

Willow TV

Willow TV is the project of Times Internet limited which allows people to watch Cricket matches live. Willow TV offers the best experience to users in the Cricket live streams. Also, this project includes the features like highlights of matches, replays, scorecards and many more features.

This best app also supports the Chromecast feature. This means you can connect your cellular device to your big TV screen to enjoy the hype of matches more. All of these features are available for just $9.99 per month.

Willow TV is a paid app which makes it less popular among people. But those who know the features of it would buy this app at any cost. Below are some pros and cons of Willow TV.


  • Live Stream of T20 World Cup of 2022.
  • All details of Cricket matches.
  • Feature to hide the score from the main screen.
  • Chromecast is available.


  • Ads even for the paid users pop up randomly.
  • A paid subscription is required to access this app.
  • Many bugs and glitches.

9- Flow Sports

Flow Sports

Flow Sports is another Best Apps to Watch ICC Men’s T20 World Cup for the Caribbean people. This app offers live streams of Cricket, Football and other sports in the Caribbean countries. The best use of the Flow TV app to watch the T20 World Cup live is in the West Indies and its neighbouring countries.

Flow Sports app also offers the features like highlights, replays and live scores at any time, at some cost. Another anticipating feature of this app is that you can keep an eye on upcoming matches and keep the notifications on.

This app is working great especially for the Caribbean countries to provide the best content related to sports. Below are some pros and cons of Flow Sports.


  • Live Streaming feature for every match.
  • Search option for the events and videos.
  • Cricket Highlights features.
  • Stream available 24/7.


  • A paid subscription is required to access this app.
  • Chromecast is not available.
  • Many bugs during the live streams.

10- OSN Play

OSN Play

If you are a Middle Eastern countries resident or belong to any North African country, OSN App is on the play store. This app works well in the above-mentioned regions and this is your only one-stop solution. You can watch your favourite team playing anywhere and anytime with this app.

Another feature of OSN Play is that you can watch all the matches of the T20 World Cup 2022 live. All you need is just a good internet connection for live streaming. Moreover, other sports channels are also accessible through this app.

The only thing you need is to subscribe to the package on the app and then you can log in on up to 2 devices at once. OSN Play is available for mobile devices as well as for laptops. Below are some pros and cons of the OSN Play.


  • User interface of OSN Play is very easy and smooth.
  • HD Live Cricket Streaming is available.
  • Content for kids is also available.
  • Ad-free content.


  • OSN Play is only available for IOS devices, not for Android devices.
  • App crashes due to bugs.

11- Tata Sky Mobile

Tata Sky Mobile

Tata Sky Mobile is another Best Apps to Watch T20 World Cup as this app is just like a pocket TV. This app allows its users to watch Live or Recorded Sports of every kind and other stuff like news and movies. The most admirable feature of this app is that you can watch the live streams of Cricket matches of the upcoming T20 World Cup 2022.

More features of this app include hundreds of movies and over 500 TV channels just at one tap. The main focus of this app is to get updated about everything of your choice. Like for the upcoming Cricket World Cup, you can set up the notifications alarms of your favourite matches. Also, you can watch the live scores and highlights.

So if you are a Cricket lover, just download this app on your phone and enjoy the Cricket matches. Moreover, you can watch other sports too. Below are some pros and cons of TATA Sky Mobile.


  • HD Streaming of the World Cup is available.
  • Wide variety of content is available to watch.
  • Offline mode is also available.


  • Tata Sky Mobile app is only limited to India.
  • Laggy experience especially during live streams.

12- Disney + HotStar

Disney + HotStar

Disney + HotStar is one of the Best Apps to Watch the T20 World Cup in India. Also, this app is one of the most downloaded apps in India. This app was released in 2015 and now it has over 500 Million downloads on both Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. As for now, this app is a tough competitor of Netflix.

This OTT Platform is available for Cricket matches other than the contents like news and media. As we know the T20 World Cup is going to happen in 2022, this app will provide the feature to watch the live streams of all the matches. More features of this app include the highlights and live scores of the matches.

As far as this app is an Indian app, so the main focus of Disney + HotStar is to support and live stream the IPL matches. All you need is to download and get a subscription to this app. Below are some pros and cons of the Disney + HotStar.


  • All international matches of Cricket are covered in this app.
  • HD Live Streaming is available up to 4k resolution.
  • Ad-free content.


  • Disney + HotStar is a paid app.
  • Buffering issue.
  • Lag during the Live Streams for some time.

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