ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Venue Country | UAE & Co Host Oman 2022

ICC T20 World Cup Venue Country for 2022 is decided to be UAE and Oman. These two venues have been decided by the ICC and BCCI collectively. This new venue for the matches has excited the fans of cricket more and now more people will watch these live in the stadiums.

In this huge tournament, a total of 16 teams will participate and battle with each other in order to gain glory and win the title. All of the 16 teams are international teams and well known. So the T20 World Cup is gonna start on October 17 and the live ceremony of the T20 World Cup will also be held.

Everyone is waiting for the event to start. There is a great hype in cricket fans and they have selected their favourite teams to cheer them up. This will surely increase the morale of the players.

The T20 World Cup was actually expected to happen in 2020 and the venue was Australia.

This means this time the host seat belonged to Australia. But due to an uncontrolled pandemic of Covid 19 around the whole globe during 2020, the tournament was cancelled.

Later the tournament was shifted to 2022. And the venue was decided to be India because of the low rate of Covid 19. But as 2022 started, the situation of Covid 19 in India also became the worst and now the country has the highest rate of the spread of the virus. So the BCCI and ICC officially shifted the matches to UAE and Oman.

So now the whole schedule of the matches is officially released. The tournament is going to start on the 17th of October in Oman.

List Of Venues

There are 4 venues for the matches of T20 World Cup 2022.

  • Dubai International Stadium
  • Abu Dhabi International Stadium
  • Sharjah Cricket Stadium
  • Oman Cricket Stadium

So above is the list of the venues for the T20 tournament of this year. All of these places are great for the players as well as for the audience. Actually, the main host of this World Cup is UAE. Oman is only the co-host as the qualifying round is only going to be played there. All the main matches of the Super 12s will be played in the grounds of the UAE.

Direct qualifying teams are already selected according to their ratings. These teams include England, Pakistan, West Indies, Australia, India, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan.

T20 World Cup Venue Country

These teams will only play the matches of the 2nd phase of the tournament which is called Super 12s. A total of 45 matches will be played in both rounds collectively. Many people wanted the schedule and were waiting for the time schedule of the matches? The whole schedule has been released with full information of all matches and their times.

The tournament will start on October 17, 2022, and will end on November 14, 2022. Matches will be played live too on many websites given by the ICC.

ICC T20 World Cup Venue Country (2022)

The United Arab Emirates has a history of cricket matches. But cricket fans want to know the details of ICC T20 World Cup Venue Country and the schedule of the tournament in detail. UAE is the land containing huge grounds and luxurious ones.

Moreover, these stadiums can accommodate over 20,000 people at once easily. On these grounds, many famous matches have been played in the past. And for the first time, the country is hosting the T20 World Cup 2022.

The final match of the tournament will be played on 17 of October in Dubai International Stadium. Other matches will be played in other stadiums of Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. No doubt they are the most famous grounds and every team is satisfied to play here.

With a great security team and perfect accommodation for the people. All the matches will be played without any problem and that’s all.

To sum up all of the things, we know that the grounds of UAE are wide and well-liked. All of the pitches are batting supportive and the fields of the grounds are well plain and levelled. Keep your excitement level up and wait for the matches to start. Stay with us and we will keep you updated about the venue country.

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