All Time Leading Wicket Taker Bowler in ICC T20 World Cup 2022

In the history of the T20 International cricket league, various teams have made many international records. Now we will discuss the leading wicket-takers of the T20 World Cup. All the wicket-takers showed their best performance in all the matches of the T20 world cup.

Leading Wicket-Takers in ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022

Shahid Afridi:

He is one of the best players on the squad and he is also the leading wicket-taker of all time in the T20 tournament league. He belongs from Pakistan and is also the best bowler of the Pakistani team who has recorded to take a total of 39 wickets in his career in the T20 World Cup. His career span is from 2007 to 2016.

Shahid Afridi

SL Malinga:

He is from Sri Lanka and his full name is Lasith Malinga. He took a total of 38 wickets in his cricket career. He is at the top in the list of leading wicket-takers in the T20 World Cup. Malinga is also an outstanding bowler of his squad. His spins are famous and he has the tag of the best spinner.

SL Malinga

Saeed Ajmal:

He belongs to the Pakistani squad and is a former Pakistani batsman. At once he was the amazing bowler for the team. He has taken a total of 36 wickets in his total career of T20 tournament leagues. He is also in the leading wicket-takers list of T20 WC. He was the reason to create a good record for the squad of Pakistan.

Saeed Ajmal

BAW Mendis:

He is from Sri lanka. BAW Mendis has a good record of taking the most leading wickets in the T20 World Cup. He took a total of 35 wickets in his career in cricket leagues. He is one of the best bowlers of his team and he is also in the list of top bowlers of the world.

BAW Mendis

Umar Gul:

Umar Gul is the most favorite player of the Pakistan team players and he is the best bowler of the squad. He is the renowned player of the Pakistani squad and also one of the best bowlers of his time. He has the best bowling skills. He made various best records in the T20 WC and International cricket leagues for the pride of the Pakistan team.

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